How To Gain Weight

Today, more and more people are into weight gain. People-especially those who are very thin for their frame, age, and height are learning how to gain weight.

In a world where most are at "normal" weight, it can be very challenging for a skinny guy. It's made worse when about half of the country are overweight. Are you one of the few skinny guys in this overweight world? Have you been wondering how to achieve the ideal body you want? The only way to do this for a man or woman like you is to gain weight. You must know that being a skinny person in this world today is rare. While you want to gain more weight, a lot of people want to lose weight. When you look everywhere for ways on how to gain weight, TV advertisements, posters, billboards, magazines, and almost every store in town are promoting products on weight loss. The message that the world is trying to say is "lose weight, lose weight" while skinny men like you want the complete opposite, "gain weight, gain weight."

Gaining weight is very important to skinny men. They also want a muscular body that is not too skinny and not too fat but just right. A major problem skinny guys' face is the fact that in this world where almost everyone is getting fatter everyday, no one understands them. The world preferred guys to be confident, muscular and strong over skinny and weak guys. That is why skinny men have experienced humiliating and painful name calling like "slim" or "bony" from people who have set their standards of how a man ideally weighs.

Skinny men may also experience trouble with dating women. This is illustrated by the reality that chubby men actually have more dates than skinny men. Most women fall for guys who are strong and muscular or in other words, a man who is totally in shape. Men like these usually have too many girls to choose from as their options vary a lot while a skinny guy has lesser options. Though many women are interested in dating or possibly marrying skinny guys, they may also not be the kind of women you want for a company. It is simply because women do not like men who have a smaller waistline than they have. They will only tend to feel fat around you and that's a big problem that you will carry for a long time if ever you become a couple or both of you marry each other.

The point is, while most men in this world today may want to lose weight and get a skinny body as their way to become beautifully handsome and successful in life, it is not only the solution. Being skinny does not always result to happiness. That is because you may not always get positive reactions from people with a skinny body. Bad or worse things happen such as you don't receive enough respect at home or at the office, you don't have many dates like most muscular or chubby guys do, you have low confidence and that means you do not always get to grab the chances to go for your dreams in life. Keep in mind that you are more than your weak self and you are capable of so many greater things. It is time to turn the table and begin achieving your dreams... gain weight and get what you deserved!


Tips On How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

Most people gain weight easily and it's difficult for them to imagine how skinny people find it difficult to add on pounds. There are people who can't gain weight, no matter how hard they try, sometimes because of their genetic body structure and are constantly looking for ways on how to gain weight. As far as the fitness world goes, weight gain should be achieved through natural techniques though you may find medicines or machines that are equally effective. Here are a few tips for people who are thoroughly fed up with trying to gain weight and failing. These tips should help you to gain weight the natural way.

1. It might be tempting for you to eat greasy or junk food because of their high calorie levels. But that's not the healthy way to gain weight. Saturated fats present in these foods may be calorie-rich, but are not good for your body. So please keep away from junk food and eat nourishing food that will do you well.

Concentrate on increasing calorie levels in your daily intake in order to gain weight effectively. Keep protein as a base and obtain the rest of your daily cal requirement from a healthy combination of carbohydrates and fats since protein alone cannot supplement your calorie levels. The proportion of each of these factors may vary, but ideally your daily diet should have an adequate serving of carbohydrates, say in the form of brown rice or wheat and enough fats, say like a cup of peanuts. Each individual vary in his or her tolerance levels; some can manage a diet rich in carbohydrates while others may need to reduce their carb content and slightly increase the fat content in their daily diet. You can estimate the calorie level you need to intake per day by multiplying your weight by the number 15.

2. Snacking between meal times
If you really want to gain weight, consider snacking on protein rich high calorie shake in between meals. This shake would ideally be rich in protein content in a juice or milk shake form with either peanut butter, banana or any fruit you like. Have a snack shake in the interval between your breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner.

3. Omega 3 fatty acids contain many essential nutrients required for a healthy body. Try to include foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, fish and walnuts in your diet. Proteins are present in nuts, lean meats, legumes and marine food. A protein rich diet will help your body gain weight and also bestow lots of other benefits. Include carbohydrates in the form of whole wheat bread and cereals. Fruits and vegetables like pineapple, mango, lemons, berries, lettuce, bean sprouts and tomatoes are also to be essentially included in your daily food intake.

4. Check out how many calories you are eating at present and try to add 500 calories more to this for your weight gain diet. So if your daily intake is around 1700 calories, your new diet should include 2200 calories of nourishing food. Try eating six small meals a day instead of 3 heavy sessions. This way, you can eat more and add on some weight naturally.

5. Make sure to incorporate weight gaining supplements such as proteins and meal replacement supplements in your diet. Proteins help in growth of muscles and increase your muscle weight, thereby your weight. You would be gaining more weight through muscles weight than through fat. Weight gainers meals are not just sources of proteins, they are also rich in nourishing calories. Sometimes, these meals offer you three times the calories content you get out of a normal meal. So it's absolutely beneficial to try out these weight gainers.

6. Weight training is a good way to gain weight. Do some high-intensity workout and weight lifting to build muscles and add bulk. Weight lifting and resistance training would support your weight gain goals much better than cardio training. Cardio leads to usage of calories; this may be detrimental to your goals.

7. Find yourself a partner to exercise with to enjoy your routine and stick to your schedule. It's much better to wok out when you have company. You can motivate each other when one partner feels tired or bored. Most of all, you'd be able to stick to fixed routine and maintain the self discipline required in an exercise system. It has been proved that following a particularly routine continuously for 40 days makes the routine embedded in our minds and henceforth, it becomes a habit. This is why people who want to quit smoking or other addictions are willing to go on cold turkey for 40 days to get cured of their obsession.

8. Last but not the least, make sure you get adequate rest to charge up your body. Our body is at its prime when it has rested well. Get enough sleep every day to give your body time to heal and grow. It has been proved that muscles normally develop when the body's resting, not when you're working out. So, to gain weight, make certain that you get enough relaxation.

Gaining weight comes naturally to most people while a minority of the population struggles to add on even a few pounds. However, you need not worry. A healthy equation of a nourishing diet, proper workout techniques and adequate rest should solve your weight problem. So say goodbye to fancy diets and welcome the natural route to gaining weight.

Folding Weight Bench

Do you have small space for a home gym, but you want a weight bench for weight lifting and other workouts? There are many folding weight benches and small weight benches available today for small spaces. Most vendors sell weight benches, you can find weight benches for small space in stores or even online. [Read the rest of this entry...]

P90x Reviews

The P90x is a very popular and exclusive item available in the market. It is mainly due to the reason that it doesn’t need any kind of costly home gym equipment for its operation. A pair of dumbbells, one chin bar and some push up bars is all you need to operate it. The P90X is quite inexpensive and is worth every single  penny you invest in it.

What exactly will you get?

On buying a P90X system, you’ll get three training manuals, a three phrase nutrition program, a fitness guide and also a video overview named “How to Bring it”. Besides these, you’ll also get a set of 12 videos. In these videos you’ll find cardio, strength training, polymeric, yoga and abs. Moreover, along with these you’ll also receive free support tools to help you workout.

The tools are mentioned below-

1. Free online support tools to help you develop your body the way you want it.

2. P90X calendar which will help you to stay organized and also help you achieve all your goals using the program.

The P90X is an extreme workout program with the goal to make you ripped and lean in just 90 days. A lot of people have already achieved this with the help of P90X. However, it is very important that you strictly follow and focus on the videos and exercises . During this program, you can’t afford to be a slacker.

The term Muscle confusion is used for the method of preventing the body from getting adapted to a particular workout program by making some strategic changes during the entire course of the workout routine. The human body always tries to adapt to situations. Thus, if someone is trying to gain weight by adding muscle mass or someone is trying to lose a few pounds by being on a  special calorie restrictive diet, the body tries to get adapted to it when it is followed for a long time. This often makes the routine ineffective. This is the underlying reason why people eating the same diet or following the same workout routine over a long period, often fail to see the results of it. Once the body adapts to the routine, we get bored of the program and we lose our interest for it.

P90X constantly changes things up as a remedy to this problem. The program, thus, keeps the body confused and as a result the body doesn’t get adapted to it. However, this is not the only change thatP90X makes in the program. The nutrition program too changes as you proceed through the program. Your carbohydrate and protein intake is also strategically adjusted all through the program to enhance the ability of the body to burn fat.

To be honest, every single workout of the P90X is highly challenging. In fact, the workouts are downright grueling. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Adjustable Dumbbells

With fitness on the mind of every American today, home gym equipments are becoming more and more popular. The market too is flooded with such equipments. This makes selecting the right equipment all the more difficult. Adjustable dumbbells have many advantages over many other gym equipments and often complete or compliment home gyms. Given below are some of the important facts about these adjustable dumbbells which will tell you why they are extremely valuable for a home gym. Due to the fact that adjustable dumbbells can be used to do a wide range of exercises, they make a great investment option. Even the traditional weight machines do not allow one to do such wide ranges of exercise.

Adjustable dumbbells
will save a good deal of your money because when you use it, you can give the other equipments a miss. This means that you need not invent in a bunch of other gym equipments because you can work out with the same effect using the adjustable dumbbells. One more reason for investing in adjustable dumbbells is that, they are relatively [Read the rest of this entry...]

Weightlifting Charts

One way you may think to register progress on your body structure is to go by the weight lifting charts. There are many weight lifters who rely on these charts and keep observing the changes within their body structure along a predetermined time period. One cause for why it is common is because many websites discuss about these charts, provide samples, give suggestion and interpret various examples. Are these information provided correct? Well, they appear to be relevant on the long run for those who are athletes regardless of if they train to take part in competitions or be in good shape. The fact is you are able to make your weightlifting chart complex as you desire. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Weight gain with dbol

Dinabol or D-bol, the little blue steroid tablets, developed by Dr John Ziegler, put into motion the craze of steroid consumption for weight gain. The drug released by Ciba Corporation in the 1950′s, was formulated by Dr Ziegler learning facts from Russian weightlifting coaches when Russia suddenly started to dominate the sport that very year.

During, the 1970s methandrotenolone was already in vogue and the tablets were sold at gyms too. D-bol remains the most widely used steroid, created and used. Expert bodybuilders, willing to divulge, have accepted the use of D-bol in their cycles.

Ironically, this popularity of the drug led to its downfall. Ciba, in 1980′s, discontinued the original Dinabol since FDA announced that the therapeutic use of the drug was far lesser than the widespread use by the bodybuilders and also the dosages they were taken in. This however, couldn’t thaw the popularity of generic methandrostenolone and it never went out of production. Even now, Russian D-bol remains one of the widely used versions of the D-bol available in the black-market.

The huge popularity of the drug is owing to the fact that, without a shade of doubt, it stands to be the best steroid drug used by bodybuilders and athletes to gain maximum amount of muscle in the least possible time. Users of the drug have reported weight gain of 2 to 4 pounds over just a week. Besides this, it results in very high increase in the synthesis of protein, restoration of glycogen stores and direct and fast strength gain. Evidences show that it diminishes cell respiration which is why participants of aerobic events are discouraged to use the drug. D-bol is mostly used in the beginning of cycles, it also contains injectables. However, the result of the injectables needs 10-15 days for being realized but that of methandrostenolone are almost immediate.

In the flip side are the side effects of the drug. As the fact remains, Dianabol has a weak androgenic component and a powerful and noticeable anabolic component which shows that it has lesser depressive results on the levels of natural testosterone  than other more androgenic steroids. Which is why  of D-bol users, mainly in the short period, need not fear the  shutdown of the production of natural hormone. Of course, the level of testosterone shut down depends on the dose of the drug consumed. However, methandrostenolone has mild androgenic effects and when taken in a high dose (30-40+ mg daily) resulting in male pattern hair loss, acne and aggression.

To lessen  its breakdown by the liver and the digestive system, D-bol is 17-carbon methylated , like many other oral steroids. This however, makes it toxic to a certain degree, which is why, users are discouraged to use it at a stretch for over 6 to 8 weeks. Still medical supervision is advised to keep an eye on liver values.

Widelu used  in the  off-season,as a  muscle building drug, D-bol is avoided before contests as it aromatizes to estrogen which makes shedding of fat difficult. Moreover, it retains fluids in the body and athletes need to stack them with other steroid drugs like nandrolone or the testosterones ( propionate).

A bodybuilder, on average, consumes about 15-40mg/day (three to eight, 5mg tablets).But,beginners, whose steroid receptors, earlier, wasn’t exposed to the drug need only around 15-20mg/day. Even in these doses they can observe dramatic results over 6 to 8 weeks time. Even when the effect begins to slow down as a result of saturation of the storage receptors and the user wants to continue usage, the dosage shouldn’t be increased. Instead, he can add in the cycle, an injectable like Deca-Durabolin, Primabolan-depot, etc.

Legal bounds should be taken care of before the drugs are taken. In the United States and many other countries, 1991 anabolic steroids as well as their derivatives are classifies as “controlled substances“. Please be informed about your state’s or country’s legislation relating to steroids.

Weight Lifting Tips

You will always require weight lifting tips to get the best benefit from your workout. Moreover, the chances of any serious debilating injury are greatly reduced too. And to begin with the tip, it is important to warm up before beginning your workout. Warming up also includes stretching all your muscles. This is essential because you exhaust while working out; hence, it is crucial that your cardio vascular vessels get proper blood flow. So always warm up your body for about five to ten minutes before starting with your workout. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Weight Lifting Routines

To become a successful weight lifter it is essential to precisely follow the weight lifting routine advised to you. A better weight lifting program will surely help you building better muscles. If you are in real want of power and strength following these lifting routines is a must.

Building your arms can only be possible out of weight lifting routines. These routines are quite challenging but they are tremendously helpful for your health. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Weight Lifting

One of the best sports to test for strength and resistance is Weight Lifting. There are many different kinds of equipments used in weight lifting like dumbbells, weight stacks, weighted bars and kettle bells. And application of these equipments tends to improve the targeted group of muscles you want to develop.

Even though there is a lot of difference between weight training and body building, it is still an important component for any good structured fitness routine. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Chest Workout

The locations of chest muscles are in front of the ribcage. Pectoralis major and minor fan out along the clavicle, close to the shoulder joint and extend to the breastbone. Even though the upper chest is fixed and do not bend or turn, the pecs cut off the humerus bone and helps in stabilizing its activities.

This is the reason why our chest muscles are engaged in pulling and pushing. Not only this, the pectoralis minor guards the ribs and joins together the shoulder blade muscles. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Phase Two Bulk Up Eating Plan

Final Cut Phase

The dietary points in phase one provides the energy that will be needed in order to survive physical training in phase two. Most likely, you have already built all the muscles that you want when you have reached Phase two. But the problem is you will still find a few extra fats around the middle part of your body. This should already be expected for you can not really gain the muscles you want without leaving some fat. There is always an excess. That is why you need to revise your program in order to retain your muscle and lose extra fat by adding a three set of 30 minute cardio sessions like biking, running, engaging in sports, training with an elliptical trainer, and many more. This is preferable to be done at least once a week. [Read the rest of this entry...]